How often do you find yourself getting really frustrated with something that you’re trying to achieve in life or business?
When we get that feeling it’s often tempting to turn our back on whatever it is we’re trying to achieve and give up, isn’t it? 
But you know what?

Frustration only really sets in when we’re about to make a breakthrough

I noticed this in my own life even before I started learning in depth about all this sort of stuff through my own personal development. 

I realised that whenever I seemed to plateau in something, I’d leap forwards and advance a huge amount in one go very shortly after. 

We get frustrated because our expectations of what we think we should be able to achieve exceed our actual skill level. 

And since what we hold in our mind will very quickly become our reality in the outside world…
That means our skill can only go one way once we reach this point. Up.
We just have to power through that period of frustration until we make the breakthrough. This is the point where so many others give up, so all we have to do is push through this point and by default we’ll put ourselves in the top 5% as a result.

So the lesson in this short message is simple: 

Welcome frustration. Welcome it as a sign that you’re on the right path, and you’re about to improve. Just stick with it for a bit longer, and eventually you’ll be rewarded with the breakthrough. 
Have you experienced this recently? Are you currently experiencing it? 
I’d love to hear from you on this one. Hit reply and let me know.