I’ve been watching a few videos on YouTube this afternoon and this one from Bob Proctor really stood out for me.
He talks about how our paradigms completely control us, and control the results that we are able to generate in our lives. 
We can believe something on a conscious level, but on a subconscious level if our paradigm doesn’t match our belief, then we won’t be able to achieve the result that we want. 

Bob talks about how a shift in paradigm can change your yearly income into your monthly income.

And to give you a live example of a paradigm in action, if you literally just thought “Yea right, that’s not possible for me” to the statement above, that’s one of your subconscious paradigms creating a conscious thought in your mind based on what you perceive you can or can’t achieve.

If you did just think “yea right”, spare 12 minutes to watch the video below. It’s very powerful stuff:



I’ll speak to you soon,