I wanted to share something with you that’s just happened today as inspiration for what’s possible if you’re really determined to make a change in your life.

When I started building an online business in September 2016, I set myself a goal that within my first 12 months of marketing (Started December 2016) I’d earn at least $100k.

Bearing in mind that in my first 6 months I’d earned only about $15k, on paper it looked like I had my work cut out.

But then in June 2017 I earned $7,920, July $20,591, August $29,819, September $9,220, and October so far is at $35,520. That resulted in me proudly being able to share this screenshot with the SFM community:

I talk often about how money is just one small part of the puzzle, and it is. Since I got back from my 7 weeks of travelling around America I’ve really struggled to get back into any kind of routine.

And I’m off again tomorrow for a few weeks. Although that’s all great fun, my health and fitness is seriously lacking, my focus on my work is lacking, and I’ve spent very little time developing myself through reading, meditation and all the other good habits that got me here in the first place.

Thankfully I’m at the point now where 90% of my business runs on autopilot and the money part is taken care of, but it doesn’t mean that everything’s now easy.

It’s about balance

So my point here is that you must have balance in your life. I spent the first 3 months of my journey with my head down working 14 hour days on nothing more than my business. Then I incorporated meditation, workouts and a number of other things into my routine as well for the next 6 months but I had no social life at all. Then I went completely the other way for the last 3 months and travelled, partied, and didn’t focus on myself and my health.

So my next point of focus is to get the rest of the year’s travelling out the way, but then it’s back to more of a balanced lifestyle for a while.

The reason that I’m writing you this message is to make a point that financial goals and having time and financial freedom are all very important, because they’ll open up your life to do whatever you want. But you’ve gotta make sure that you’re creating balance in your life.

That’s easier said than done though…

Sacrificing everything for your work, or dropping everything to travel the world, or obsessively working on your body at the expense of your relationships, or anything else equally extreme is in my opinion not going to provide real long term fulfilment.

If we’re not physically in good shape, giving time to the people we love, taking time out to ourselves, growing, moving forwards, and achieving success in our careers or businesses… Can we ever be completely happy? I don’t think so, because there’ll always be a shadow over everything that we do from the area of our life that we’re neglecting.

So work towards your goals, figure out what you want, but do it from a place of balance. Cover the key areas of your life and try to make sure you’re growing in all of them.

Sure you might need to make temporary sacrifices here and there and go all out in one area for a while, but don’t make it too long term. Because over time it has a big effect on how you feel about yourself.

To your success,