***If you don’t yet have time and financial freedom in your life, then there’s something you’ve gotta know…***

A week or two ago I sent an email talking about why earning really good money in my business hadn’t really changed anything meaningful in my life. 

The point I was making was that if we tie our happiness into money, as soon as we reach a point where we actually have lots of it, we realise that it was never the answer in the first place. 

I had my first glimpse of this in my corporate software sales career that I quit back in September 2016 to start my own business, because I realised that even though I was earning near 6 figures, I was working 70 hours per week and I wasn’t fulfilled. I had no time freedom. Does that sound familiar?

My big lightbulb moment was then realising that if no income goal in the past had bought me fulfilment, why did I think that an even higher income goal in the future was gonna be any different? 


Now 10 months later, I’ve reached a point where I have both time AND financial freedom. And you know what? It’s the same situation. Time and financial freedom doesn’t change the way you FEEL, it will only buy you nicer things and allow you to spend time in better ways. But you’re still the same person.

Fulfilment comes from what you choose to DO with that time and financial freedom, and who you choose to become. On their own, both time and financial freedom don’t actually make that much of a difference. 

Sure time and financial freedom are great, they’re not the end goal.

They’re only the first step

They’re the keys to opening up the beginning of the rest of your life.

I’ve just finally gotten a first-hand taste of what I’ve been preaching for months.

So if we purely aim for time and financial freedom as our only goal, and we hinge our future happiness on it, once we get it we’ll realise that we were working towards something that by itself doesn’t actually bring happiness. 
And that can be a pretty harsh reality to come to terms with, because then you end up thinking

“Well now what?”

So the key is to figure out what you actually want your life to count for. WHY do you want time and financial freedom? What are you gonna do with it?
“I’d love to be rich” isn’t going to cut it. What, you’d love to see a bigger “number” in your bank account? Or you’d love a big stack of pieces of paper? 

“I’d travel everywhere” won’t cut it either. Once that’s no longer a novelty, what are you gonna do then? Think of how excited you were the first time you went out in your car on your own after passing your driving test. Do you still feel that excited now when you get into your car to go to work in the morning? It’s the norm now.

Travelling the world with no money concerns will become normal once you’ve done it for a while, so we need to find something far more meaningful to bring long term fulfilment and happiness. 
However it’s quite likely that time and financial freedom will be an important step to achieve early on in the journey. And if it is, what’s stopping you from getting started? If you could create time and financial freedom in 10 months as well, what would the next chapter of your life look like?
Would it be worth investing 10 months to get to a point of time and financial freedom and be free to do whatever you want while never having to worry about money again? 
So if you’re doing nothing right now to work towards making that happen, I want to be an example to show you that it’s very possible. 
If I can do it, you sure as hell can. So make a decision right now to take control of your own future, and start educating yourself on what it takes

So how did I actually do it?

SFM (Six Figure Mentors) is a company that is entirely responsible for where I am right now. I’ve learnt pretty much everything I know about getting to time and financial freedom through their mentorship and education.

So speaking openly for a sec; if you have a story running round in your head right now about why “you can’t do it”, or that you’re “skeptical about whether it’s actually possible”, or “it’s probably not as good as it sounds”, or “there’s probably a catch”, or anything else that’s holding you firmly in place because of fear or otherwise… Then let that go.

Because to be perfectly honest, if it’s holding you in place from building your future then it’s not serving you. You don’t need it. 
And I totally get that it takes a leap to take that first step. I was skeptical when I first started. But you know what I did? I submitted an application for $29.95 which gave me access to the entire first module of SFM’s training. That application came with a 30 day money back guarantee, so I figured that if it wasn’t for me I’d just get my money back and move on. Zero risk. 
That was the first step towards 10 months later, having total time and financial freedom.
10 months from now will come around anyway, regardless of what we choose to do with the time. So we might as well decide to do something life changing, instead of being in the same position in 10 months as we are today.
If you could have done this 10 months ago to have time and financial freedom right now, would you have done it? Give “future you” that life in 10 months time.

So please, if you feel that time and financial freedom will help you improve your life, check it out for yourself.

Don’t let anyone’s opinion of whether it’s right for you but your own matter. So submit an application, see for yourself what SFM will give you to help you improve your life, make your own judgement call, and figure out whether it’s for you. If it’s not, then you just get your money back by emailing [email protected] Absolutely zero risk.
There’s literally no reason not to check it out:


And by the way; no it’s not network marketing, no it’s not a “get rich quick” scheme, you won’t need to sell to anyone yourself, it doesn’t matter how old you are, what your technical background is, whether you have experience online, or whether you’re working full time.

It WILL take hard work, commitment, and dedication. It won’t happen in a few weeks, it took me 10 months of hard work. If that’s too scary, then this probably isn’t for you. But if you’re willing to put in the work to build your future, give yourself the opportunity to see what it’s about.

SFM’s a multiple 8 figure business. It was founded nearly 6 years ago by Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek, and it’s recently partnered with the number one leading authority in online marketing worldwide; Digital Marketer (Founded by Ryan Deiss). This isn’t a “fad” or a “flash in the pan”.

If there’s anything you’re not sure about or want to ask me about my own journey, hit reply now and drop me a message. I’m happy to help.

Oh and by the way, once you’ve submitted an application you can join my private members Facebook group and see what everyone else who’s just started is up to. If you’re feeling skeptical, that’ll massively help you see what this is all about.

We’ll speak soon,