I’ve been in a small country village called Ashby St Ledgers for the past few days with 9 other members of the SFM community.

Another SFM member called Louisa Gordon has just come out of surgery to remove the last of the cancer in her body, and we were all so happy to hear that she’s been given the all clear!

We wanted to shoot her a video to wish her a speedy recovery, and I want to share that video with you today:

Off the back of that video we all agreed to donate $500 to Victoria’s Promise (SFM’s cancer charity founded by Stuart Ross and his cousin Alex Eastman), and many other SFM community members are now getting on board, shooting their own videos and committing their own donations.

I sometimes have to pinch myself that I’ve been fortunate enough to discover SFM and these absolutely amazing people who have totally changed my life over the last 12 months.

The support has been unbelievable, and to find people who are all focused on lifting everyone around them up to create a better world, rather than stepping on others to get forwards like the competitive corporate world, is life changing.

I have so much faith in people now, and the way that I see myself as a result of the way that the people around me show up for others brings me so much happiness.

Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

So I wanted to share that with you to help inspire you to think about who you’re surrounding yourself with. Are the people that you have in your life the type of people who will help or hinder you in achieving your goals?

Jim Rohn said we’re the average of the 5 people who we spend the most time with. And he’s so right. Being surrounded by negativity or people who want to hold us back, is a sure fire way to stay stuck firmly in place.

Cutting ties and relationships with people can be hard, but sometimes it can be essential to do if we want to become a different person and achieve bigger and better things.

The issue can be when that person (Or people) are family, or even significant others. Obviously simply cutting ties probably isn’t the way to go here, but trying to find other people or mentors who at least offer support on the other side of the coin can be a really big help.

That’s what SFM did for me, and was probably one of the biggest factors that helped me get to where I am today.

Have a great weekend, next live message you get from me will be from sunny Greece! 🙂