I think the most powerful question in the world, is the most EMpowering question in the world.
It’s a question that gives you the ability to achieve many times more than you ever could if it wasn’t asked. 
That question is:

“What would I do if I was 10x bolder?”

Let me explain why this question is so unbelievably powerful…
For many of us, the main reason that we’re only achieving a tiny fraction of what we’re actually capable of is ‘fear’. We create our own limiting beliefs, we convince ourselves that we can’t do something before we’ve even started, we play it safe, we hedge our bets… Basically we’re our own worst enemy. 
And therefore if we were able to eliminate fear, we would give ourselves the ability to break past our own blockers and limiting beliefs and finally shoot for the stars. 

That’s exactly what this question does. When you ask yourself this question in any given situation, it takes fear out of the equation. 

And whatever the answer to the question is in any given situation, that is what you must do to achieve the result you want. 

And what exactly has this question got me in my life?

Short answer; everything. 
This question has enabled me to quit my high paying but unfulfilling 70 hour a week career and start my own online business. 
It’s enabled me to create time and financial freedom for myself and travel all over the world.
It’s enabled me to speak on stage in front of hundreds of people (One of the topics was this exact question). 
It’s enabled me to ask for things that I’d never have dared asking for, and it’s given me results that I never would have got unless I was playing all out.

So if you want to find out how this question could actually impact you and your life too…

Then watch this section of SFM’s Toronto Momentum Day. I’ve set the video to start from the exact point that I start talking about this exact thing. 
Just click the video below and you’ll be able to watch it in full. And as you’re watching it, think about what you want to achieve right now, and then ask yourself this question. Get into the habit of asking yourself this question regularly.

Because if you ask yourself this question repeatedly, your level of bravery will very quickly go through the roof, and so will your results. 

Nobody achieves great things by playing small. It’s time to step up and act like you’ve already got the result, then the result will come. The result will not happen before you do what it takes to get the result in the first place. 
So stop hiding behind fear, ask yourself what you would do right now if you were 10x bolder, and then go and do exactly that. Future-you is depending on it. 
I’ll speak to you soon,