I’m heading up to London now for Tony Robbins’ 4 day event which starts tomorrow – Unleash The Power Within. I’ve had this booked for 6 months so I’ve been well and truly looking forward to this for quite a while now. 
And through an interesting turn of events, I’m staying on a narrow boat on the Thames which’ll be moored up in Canary Wharf for the 4 days! I’ll explain how that happened another time 🙂
But I wanted to share something with you before I head up that I’ve found very powerful.
You see, I used to get pretty nervous before I’d do anything like this. Either traveling on my own, going to events on my own, meeting people that I hadn’t seen in a while… you know the score. 
Basically anything where I’d be breaking out of my normal routine and do something that I wouldn’t normally do. I’m sure you can probably relate, right?
But something I’ve become very aware of the last couple of times I’ve been getting ready to disappear somewhere, is that I no longer feel any nerves over it at all.  
Since I went to Brisbane on my own in December, having never met anyone in real life who was going to be at the SFM event I was going to, everything else seems much less daunting. 
This is the power of taking big leaps out of your comfort zones. It’s an instant shortcut to massive growth. 

But being brave is scary…

There’s a quote that I heard recently thanks to one of my buddies in SFM (Kelvin; if you’re reading this then thanks), that reads;
“Sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of embarrassing bravery AND I PROMISE YOU something great will come of it”. 
I believe that this quote really sums up everything about those handful of moments in our lives that shape everything about who we become. 
It’s in moments like these where we volunteer for something miles outside of anything we’ve ever done, agree to do something absolutely insane, or dive head first into a situation that we’re totally not equipped to deal with. 
But it’s in those moments, in those situations, that absolutely insane growth happens. 
When we throw ourselves into something that EVEN WE think we’re mad for attempting, we literally 10X our own growth. We can achieve great things in unbelievably short periods of time.

We’ve gotta learn to recognize that any situation which arises in our life which we find terrifying, is a golden opportunity to take a huge leap forward.

If we can learn to accept that fear, and throw ourselves into the situation anyway, we’l give ourselves the ability to make astronomical improvements in our own lives. We need to embrace those opportunities.  
So use the fear as a trigger. Become aware of it the next time you feel it, and ask yourself “What would I do if I was 10 times bolder?”. Then whatever the answer is, grit your teeth and do exactly that. It will be scary, but when you come out the other side you will be on fire – … although hopefully not literally. (Disclaimer: Don’t play with fire).
And the best part? You’ll have just made countless other things in your life that seemed hard before, suddenly seem easy. Your world will open up before you if you embrace this. 
I can promise you that, because I’ve been doing it myself for the last 7 months and my life looks absolutely nothing like it did 7 months ago. 
I hope the rest of your week goes well, and don’t worry I’ll keep you updated with some awesome insights from our pal Tony.
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Speak soon!