In this age, our lives have become very fast paced and we tend to work at a bullet speed. Multitasking has rapidly crept into our lives and (although it never really works) has pretty much become the essence of it.
Most of us find ourselves juggling our work, social and private lives and we end up making our lives very chaotic and very unfulfilling. We have hypnotised ourselves into thinking that all aspects of our life need to be perfect and we need to excel in every field.
You may be surprised to know the importance of sometimes taking the time to slow down, and how easy it can actually be.
To be able to lead a more fulfilling life, it is important to first understand that all things do not hold the same importance and require a different level of attention.
Trying to allocate the same stress levels to every part of life is torture and can lead to a general discomfort from life. So in order to streamline life, it is very important to effectively prioritise.


To properly prioritise you must focus on the right areas of your life. The first step to streamlining tasks and matters in your life is to analyze each one and figure out the importance they hold to you.
Only when you get totally clear on what’s important to you can you decide whether your focus is in the right place.


Prioritise and rank

And once you know what’s important to you, you can start filtering your day to day decisions with this knowledge. Prioritising your life gives a crystal clear view of what deserves more attention and what is more important to you as an individual.
While some of us would want to prioritise our career because getting that promotion seems important, others might want to prioritise health. Knowing how important you deem things to be, means that you can make the right decisions at the right time. 
Ranking is important because it will eventually determine your everyday life choices.
When you know what holds the utmost importance in your life, your daily choices and attitude will compliment it, and will be based on it. Ranking the important aspects in your life will make decision making easier for you.




Reassessing your priorities is one of the most important parts of the entire process and is perhaps a never ending one.
Change is constant and an inevitable part of life and we need to accept that out life will keep on changing from one phase to another and will take unexpected turns.
How many people smoke or drink way too much, and then suddenly receive news that they have a major health problem which will kill them unless they stop? That’s an example of a rapid shift in priorities. Health will likely very quickly become number 1 in this scenario.
Prioritising is indeed very important for a smoother, more stress-free life which can only be achieved with due focus and practicality.
I’ll speak to you soon,