When was the last time you went all out at something? 
And I mean REALLY all out. As in, you put yourself in a position where failure was literally not an option? Where nothing on earth was going to stop you from getting to where you want to get to?
If you’ve been in that position before, didn’t you feel utterly unstoppable? Whether that was coming from a place of desperation or inspiration, if you’ve ever experienced that state you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say that someone who’s in that space is devastatingly effective at whatever it is they’re doing. 
You’re taken over by a kind of higher version of yourself that has almost inhuman focus and energy. Your productivity goes through the roof, fear doesn’t stop you, and any challenge you come up against gets crushed almost instantly. 

People looking in from the outside don’t seem to understand what’s happening. 

I experienced this for the first time in the sales company I used to work for; Lead Forensics – granted it was on a far smaller (and more material) scale than what I’m striving for now. But at the end of every sales quarter, there’d be all-expenses-paid incentives for the top sales people to places like Miami, Vegas, Thailand, Ibiza etc.

After I started getting good and I was closing enough deals to be in the running, I started to develop a laser focus throughout the whole quarter on winning those incentives. 

As it got to the last few days of the quarter, I’d get more and more lethally effective. And then quarter after quarter, I’d come from nowhere on the final day of the month and close off so many deals that I’d knock off the leader in (sometimes) literally the last few minutes of the sales quarter. 

I developed a reputation for being so dangerous at this time of each quarter, that even sales people who were MILES ahead of me coming into the final day still didn’t believe that they were gonna win. 

So why am I telling you this?

Because you can manufacture this state!


It all comes from a burning sense of purpose. A total clarity on where you’re going to, and an attitude of truly doing whatever it takes to get there. 

Most people’s version of “whatever it takes” actually has a threshold. On the subject of building a business for example, they’ll do “whatever it takes” until the money they have to invest goes above their comfort zone, or until they have to push themselves up to a certain point and it becomes too hard and they give up, or until they get too uncomfortable and fearful. 

There’s a ceiling. It’s conditional. 

Most people never play to a true level of whatever it takes.

So when you get clear about what you want, and more importantly why you want it… if you then go into making that thing happen with a philosophy of whatever it takes… the harder you get challenged the more lethally effective you’ll start to become. 

You’ll find that you’re able to push yourself way beyond any level that you previously thought you were capable of. You’ll realise that up until this point you were selling yourself way short, and everything that you’d been doing up until now was with a fraction of your potential. 
If someone you love was in life threatening danger right now, but you could save them by pushing yourself harder than you’ve ever pushed yourself before, what kind of level of effort do you think you’d be putting into achieving the outcome that you wanted? Is there anything on the planet that could stop you? 
If you’ve caught yourself wondering how the greats of our time achieved unbelievable things that just don’t seem possible – this is how they do it. 
  • They tap into a crystal clear sense of their purpose, their why.
  • They develop a burning desire to make it happen no matter what and make it more important to them than anything else.
  • And then they take immediate action and go into it with the attitude of whatever… it… takes. 
So with that in mind, what’s your purpose? Why are you here on this planet? What do you really wanna do? If you’re not clear on this, it’s time to set aside some time to get clear.
If we have things that we want to achieve, we can’t afford NOT to tap into the unbelievable power that comes with a burning purpose. Someone who’s driven by burning purpose just cannot be stopped. 
It’s time to make that person you.
So. What do you want your life to mean?