So I’ve just started a new challenge, and I am on FIRE.
It’s a serious challenge, and last night I was on a webinar with half the entire SFM community and the stakes just went through the roof (To the tune of up to £4,000 if I fail; to be precise).

If you’re in SFM then you’ll know this already, but if you’re not… Well following the Toronto live Momentum Day event, Stuart Ross has just laid down the SFM Toronto 90 Day Challenge. 

The idea is to pledge exactly what you’re going to do each day, week and month for the next 90 days, to move forwards in your life and business. 

Then you’re held accountable by everyone else in the SFM community. If you fail, you donate a specified amount to a charity of your choice. I chose the cancer charity Victoria’s Promise. 

The monetary amount has to be high enough that you feel extreme discomfort at the idea of losing it. This ensures that you won’t give in when things get hard, but instead you’ll break through those limitations and achieve things that you wouldn’t normally push yourself to achieve. 

Here’s my pledge:

Achieving a few of the things on that list within 90 days terrify the hell out of me…

But that’s what it’s about; pushing past your fears, growing, and achieving results that you could never have achieved from staying within your comfort zones. 

So Here’s My Challenge To You

Join me in this accountability challenge. 

Over this weekend, think about what you would love to achieve over the next 90 days. Then decide, commit and resolve to achieving it no matter what.

Pledge a monetary amount to a charity of your choice if you fail (It has to be high enough that it makes you feel very uncomfortable with losing it), and then hit reply to this message and email me back with your pledge. 


If you join me on this challenge, I’ll give you exclusive free access to my Private Member’s Facebook Group that’s normally only reserved for SFM members. 

That way we can help each other stay accountable, along with the rest of my team.

Plus as a side bonus of joining the Facebook group you’ll also get free access to a ton of stuff that’ll help you get started in online business as well – if that happens to interest you 🙂 

If you decide to step up as a leader with me and own your next 90 days, then I look forward to hearing from you shortly. 

Speak soon!