Seems I’m literally always writing you messages from airports these days haha, I’m sitting in Gatwick right now waiting to get picked up to go and see my darling mother for 3 days before I disappear to Perth, Australia.

While I’m here I wanted to take this opportunity to drop you a quick message about the importance of non-reaction, and not getting sucked into your emotions when things don’t go exactly how you want them to go. 

During a night out a couple of days ago in Budapest (photo above) I managed to lose my phone. Think I left it in the back of a taxi, not sure. But either way it was my fault.

When I realised I didn’t have it on me, and when I realised that I no longer had any flight details, any of the photos or videos that I’d taken from Warsaw or Budapest (Which I’ve since discovered did actually get synced with iCloud so I still have them – phew), and had basically lost the main object in my possession that I practically run my entire life through… It would have been pretty easy to start losing my shit.


What would Eckhart do?

But one of the teachers that I’ve always got a huge amount of value from, is Eckhart Tolle. And in that moment I thought about what he would do.

I “observed” the emotions that I was feeling, instead of getting sucked into them. Then I accepted what had happened, rather than trying to fight it and get angry. That’s what he would call “surrendering”. Then I remembered that everything would work out alright just like it always does, and so there really wasn’t any need to throw my toys out the pram. Doing that would achieve nothing.

It’s so important to keep a clear head in situations like this, and so I simply wanted to share this experience with you as a reminder to practice keeping cool when “bad” things happen, and not getting sucked into anger, fear and other negative emotions along those lines.

Playing the victim, the blame game, or anything else along those lines serves absolutely no purpose.

Surrender to the flow of the universe, and instead of resisting reality, focus on becoming solution-oriented and navigating yourself back on track again.

You do this by accepting what’s happened and then influencing the outcome from that moment onwards, to create a reality that serves you instead of hinders you. You don’t do this by trying to “complain” the past into changing, because obviously that’s not gonna get us anywhere 🙂
To your success,