To say I had an amazing time in Brisbane would be an absolute understatement. What a place! I mean, it was probably helped by the amazing group of people that I met there, but even so it’s still an incredible city. 

I went to Brisbane for the SFM & DEA’s Platinum Brand Incubator workshop. That in itself was an unbelievable experience that I believe any business owner should go through, but the real value was in networking face to face with the people who are part of the community that’s helped me create the life that I now have. This includes other members like myself, mentors such as Jay Williams, the Lifestyle team, John Jackson and Justin Woolf, and of course the legends themselves; Stuart Ross & Jay Kubassek, co-founders of the SFM & DEA.

Perhaps I was a little bit starstruck… But anyway, having the opportunity to get inside their minds over several evening dinners and drinks was absolutely priceless.

So I’m gonna keep this one short and sweet, because I made a 3 minute video of the whole adventure and I think that sums it up more than I could in 10,000 words. You can see it below (and make sure you click the little cog to watch it in HD):


Hope you enjoyed it, and all I can say is if you’re ever thinking of going to Brisbane; do it! It’s a beautiful city.

Speak to you soon,