Yesterday I had a sudden moment of self-awareness that I wanted to share with you, to see if you relate to it. 
I realized that I’ve managed to reprogram my subconscious with an entirely new thought pattern and belief set in a certain area of my life, and I can now consciously transfer that thought pattern and belief set to another area of life to get equally effective results.
The best part is that you can do the same, and it will help you produce brilliant results as well.
Let me explain.
In business or career related decisions, we’ll often come up against fear, overwhelm, doubt, or challenges that seem impossible to overcome. A typical thought process kicked up by our subconscious mind when we’re up against a challenge might be something like: 
“This is really hard, are you sure you can do this? Can you definitely get to the goal you have in mind? How can you be sure? What if it goes wrong? Think of all the bad things that could happen if you fail. This seems really risky. Maybe you should give up. It would be safer to not keep trying. It wouldn’t be bad because you have this X thing that means it’s harder for you (excuse), you should probably give up now because of this X thing. Yea let’s give up because of that X thing”. 
But my automatic thought process when faced with a challenge has now become:
“This is really hard, you’re gonna have to push yourself out your comfort zone to achieve this. So how are you gonna overcome this? What new skills are you gonna have to learn? Who can help you learn them, and who’s already achieved what you’re trying to achieve? You need a plan of how you’re gonna get there, let’s build a plan”
This is through consciously forcing myself to run that dialogue every time I come up against a challenge, to the point where it’s finally become automatic and subconscious. Asking myself the question “What would you do if you were 10x bolder” has been a HUGE help for me with this.

So why am I telling you this?

If you consciously run a thought pattern long enough, before long your subconscious starts running it automatically and you don’t even need to think about it.

Imagine having your subconscious mind automatically working for you and finding solutions instead of problems, every single time you’re facing a challenge in your career/business. Pretty powerful stuff, right?

You’ll probably already have several of these empowering thoughts patterns running on autopilot right now in various areas of your life.
And now you can transfer those thought patterns to other areas of your life where you want to get success as well…

How to transfer it

One example for me where I haven’t got that thought process subconsciously embedded yet, is running or working out. I still often run the “you should give up” unconscious dialogue in my mind.
But now I can consciously talk over that dialogue with dialogue that’s pulled from my mindset in business. Dialogue like: 
“No, I don’t give up. I’m someone who doesn’t give up and I’ve proved that time and time again in my career, and now with my business as well. I never give up, I keep pushing forwards no matter what. I don’t give up in business and therefore I won’t give up here, that’s not who I am. I’m not going to give up”
By attaching this statement to my core values of who I believe I am in business, I can transfer those beliefs to a completely new area of my life. This causes my subconscious to shut up, stop working against me, and instead start working with me.  
If you believe that you’re a great sportsman, or that you’re great at listening to people, or that people respect you because of your knowledge in a certain field… All the beliefs and dialogues that you run in your mind relative to those things that you’re really good at, can be transferred to other things that you want to be really good at as well. 
You only need to be consciously aware that they’re happening in the background, and then you can use them to get your subconscious mind on your side.
The outside world that we create around is, is a direct result of the internal dialogue that happens between our ears. So instead of letting ourselves run fear-driven dialogue, creating results-driven dialogue instead will massively improve our quality of life in all areas through minimal effort.
To your success,