I got back to San Diego from Mexico last night and I’ve just come off a webinar with my mentor Stuart Ross.

He was talking about some of the most powerful ways to market online and build a successful business that enables you to work from anywhere in the world and spend time with whoever you want to spend time with. 

And you know what? 

Not one thing he talked about was “how to make money”. It was all to do with giving value to as many people as possible. 
The more people that you can give value you to, the more you’ll make yourself as a result. It’s a simple mindset shift that so many of us need to go through, because we live in a society where we just want to take, take, take. 
Everything’s competitive, we often feel that the more someone else has, the less we have ourselves. 
But that’s absolutely not the case. 
The best way to get ahead in life, is to focus on how you can help other people get ahead in life.

Give value first, take second.

Too many people come into this field of online business focusing on “How can I make money off people, how can I learn to put adverts online that get people to click, how can I get all this success for myself and beat others”… You get the picture. 

I dropped that mentality a few months back, and since I did that my results started to explode. 

I focus on listening to what people need. I focus on what’s holding them back, and how can I help them to overcome those challenges to move forwards in their lives. 

What do they need that will enable them to spend more time with their kids, or get out that job they hate, or stop having to commute to work every day instead of building something that they’re passionate about?

That’s the message that Stuart and the SFM community have been spreading for years, and it’s so unbelievably inspiring to see the results all around us of people who are massively changing their lives for the better. 

Money will not make you happy, not on its own.

It’s one tiny part of the puzzle. Real fulfilment comes from helping others to become better. It comes from giving back, and making your purpose bigger than you. 
Once we get that nice house that we’ve wanted, or that car that we dreamed off, as soon as it becomes the norm then we’ll feel no different than we feel now. It’s like, “Now what?” 

So my message is simple. If you’d love to create a better life for yourself and you’re doing it for personal reasons, try and think bigger than yourself. 

Whose lives will you be able to improve if you’re in a position of time and financial freedom? What REALLY makes it worth doing?


Because I promise you, it’s not material stuff

If you’ve been following me for a little while you’ll know that over the last 6 weeks I’ve been travelling all over America. I’ve been in New Jersey, New York, Vegas, Phoenix, San Diego and Mexico so far. 

It’s all cos of SFM and what their education and community has enabled me to achieve, and I’m eternally grateful that I found SFM and decided to take action and get started. 

But I can tell you from experience that travelling everywhere isn’t what makes life living. 

This lifestyle already feels like my normal life now, and there’s no long term fulfilment in that. 

I get way more happiness from coaching people on my webinars, helping people overcome the challenges that are holding them in place, and seeing the effects that their success has on their lives and their family’s lives. 

It’s comments like these that I really live for:

I have so much love for everyone who’s a part of this amazing community, and seeing people coming through and then start giving back to others themselves reminds me that the world really is filled with some incredible people. 
Being part of the SFM community has truly transformed every area of my life, and so many others’ lives as well. 

If you do decide to check it out for yourself, feel free to get started here. There’s a 30 day money back guarantee so there’s zero risk whatsoever on the $29.95 application fee.

If you’re accepted into SFM, you’ll also be able to join my Private Members Facebook Group as well and access all the webinars and training that I’ve been doing recently. Thats all yours for free. 
Hope you have an incredible week,