Have you ever been so close to achieving something that you REALLY wanted to achieve, and then at the absolute last minute you torpedoed yourself and blew it all out the water? 
We’ve probably all been there, but did you ever stop and think why you did it? 
I mean you obviously didn’t WANT to stop yourself succeeding, right? So how could you get so close but then at the last minute say or do precisely the one thing that would ensure that you didn’t succeed?
The good news is that there’s a distinct reason why you did it, and you can learn how to stop it happening again. 


What caused you to do it?

The reason is simple. We sabotage our own success, because the “end result” of what we’ll achieve as a result of that success, doesn’t fit a paradigm that we have of ourselves.


In simple terms, our “paradigm” means the way that we see ourselves subconsciously. We have paradigms for everything; the way we dress, the role that we see ourselves as playing in social situations, the money that we feel we’re “worthy” of earning, and far more.

So for example, if you see yourself as fair and well-mannered, and you insulted someone for no good reason, you’re going to feel an almost uncontrollable subconscious urge to apologize to that person.

However if you perceive yourself as “only looking out for number 1” and not caring about others at all, then you wouldn’t feel particularly bothered.

In the first example you’re acting out of line with your paradigm, and in the second you’re acting in line with it. 

Your subconscious mind will always guide your behavior to keep you true to who you subconsciously believe that you are.

When we talk about it in the examples above, it seems pretty obvious. But when it comes to money, that often changes. Money has a very weird way of clouding all logic, because a lot of us link money to survival, and survival instincts will always overpower logic if we don’t have a certain level of awareness about it. 


So how do we stop it?

So let’s say you’re about to close a huge deal for your company, or you’re about to land a massive promotion, or make a big win on the stock market.

If your paradigm about your salary fits you comfortably at around £50-£60k for example, and that’s who you believe you are, then anything which threatens to put you outside of that bracket, is going to be perceived as a potential threat to your identity by your subconscious. 

It’s gonna make it a lot harder to land that promotion if your subconscious is working against you, trying to make you blurt out stupid things to your boss isn’t it…
Lottery winners are the most extreme example of this. A HUGE proportion of lottery winners end up broke and depressed only a few years after winning. Why?


Because suddenly having millions in the bank is such a massive paradigm shift, that their subconscious immediately goes to work on encouraging them to make stupid decision after stupid decision, until they have nothing left. 

So they key to preventing this is to first work on upgrading your paradigm, then you’ll almost effortlessly improve until you reach that level. Paradigms work both ways remember…
If you truly see yourself as a millionaire, but you’re broke, then your subconscious will immediately get to work on helping you to make decisions that will drive you forwards until you’re in line with your paradigm. 
Get the belief & paradigm right, and it will act as a giant magnet to your subconscious to get you there. 
An absolutely huge part of SFM’s education is devoted to developing your mindset, and becoming successful inside your own mind first so that you don’t sabotage yourself in the outside world as you develop. 
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