Everyone has bad days. No matter how organised, prepared, or careful you are, you just can’t control the circumstances around you most the time. Sometimes things happen that we have to deal with, it’s just part of life.

The truth is that not everyone reacts to different situations the same way. It all comes down to awareness. So with that out of the way, let’s talk about how to get over them.

Whether it’s the dreaded Monday, a tough weekend, or any other day of the week… a bad day can bring down your morale, energy, and may even end up impacting other people if you let it. Your first reaction can be to get sucked into the negative thought pattern, and trick yourself into seeing everything for far worse than it is.

But it’s so important to practice stepping away from the emotion, observing it within ourselves instead of becoming a part of it, and realising that we have the choice about how we feel towards our external circumstances – whether “good” or “bad”.


What to do?

The main aim is to learn from your mistakes. The basic reason why we evaluate the day’s events is to analyse where we went wrong. Yes, you will berate yourself as you begin but gradually move towards rational thought.
We all make mistakes and there are consequences. However, learning from them instead of dwelling on them is the healthy way of dealing with such situations.
When you have realised the mistake, it’s time to learn the lesson and decide to avoid making it again. There’s no such thing as failing as long as you’re always taking valuable lessons from everything that you do.
Also forgiving yourself is also part of the process. The failure to forgive oneself plays a major role in transferring the same bad situation to the next day. 
Each morning; choose to have a good day regardless of the inevitable situations that life throws at you. 


If we keep on living in stress, we become the bad day instead of just having one. Understand that every day comes to an end including the bad ones. When you start the next day, motivate yourself with positive feelings. Don’t start a new day carrying the weight of a previous bad day.
Forgive yourself and treat each new day as a new beginning. The circumstances may have not turned out how you want them the previous day, but every day is a new opportunity to move towards success – whatever that looks like to you!
Have a great week,