We’ve all heard about “getting out your own way” in the context of moving forwards, growth and personal development, right? 
But have you ever actually “got out your own way”?

I only very recently started to truly understand this concept.

I always thought it was a cool saying and I thought I got it, but I only saw it on the surface level. I thought it was referring to stuff like not procrastinating, or not putting yourself down, or not talking yourself out of doing things. 

But in actual fact, there’s so many deeper levels of meaning to this. And let’s be honest, I think that I understand it now, but in another 12 months I’ll probably look back to this moment and realise that I still didn’t actually understand it even now…
But anyway, that’s something to think about in 12 months from now.

So what are these deeper levels? 

“Getting out your own way” relates much more to the subconscious dialogue that’s running between our ears.

But then if it’s subconscious, how can we consciously choose to get out of our own way? 

Think about that for a second. 

If something’s subconsciously happening in your mind… Is that really “you”?

“You” are conscious, right? Your subconscious mind is just a combination of your biology, your genetics, and your past programming (beliefs, experiences etc) isn’t it?

The problem is that we’re completely unaware of most of the stuff that’s going on in our heads. And if we’re not even aware of it, we can’t get in control of it.

We’re incapable of getting out our own way, when we can’t even see that we’re in our own way. 


So first, you have to become aware of what’s happening. You have to start to tune into the frequency of the BS that subconsciously runs through your mind everyday, so that you can actually consciously hear it instead of subconsciously and unknowingly accepting it. 

Things like telling yourself that you can’t do things, things like comparing yourself to others and saying you could never be like them, things like the stories that we tell ourselves that keep us anchored to our past (“I’m like this because of someone else”, “I’d be able to do X if Y hadn’t happened to me” – the victim mentality subconscious dialogue.)

Then once you catch it happening in your mind, it’s time to start disassociating with it, That subconscious dialogue isn’t you, it’s your past programming. And it’s BS. 

So how do you get OUT your own way? Start becoming AWARE that you’re IN your own way. Listen out for the little voice in your head piping up. Become consciously aware of what it’s saying.

Question the thoughts in your mind. Listen to them, and then decide whether they’re serving you or not. If they’re not, it’s time to start reprogramming them.


You’re able to have whatever you want, be whoever you want, and do whatever you want. 

The tallest mountain is climbed a step at a time. If you want something enough, can you get just a little bit better at it every day? 

And if you continue to get just a little bit better every day, will you eventually reach everything that you could possibly want in life? Of course. It’s inevitable. 


But most people don’t, because they’re “getting in their own way”. They’re stopping themselves before they even start by telling themselves that they’re not good enough, or that they can’t have that lifestyle, or that they have too many commitments, or that wealthy people are all bad (So they subconsciously stop themselves making decisions that would make them wealthier).

This all happens instead of just focusing on the one thing that they could do in this day to get a little closer to where they want to get to.


Their stories block them.

Except they’re all self-imposed, so they can all be self-removed.


So what do you want?

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What small step can you take today to get a little closer? What step can you take that will help you come up with the next idea, the next insight, or the next lightbulb moment? 

If you’re driving on a 500 mile journey at night, your headlights won’t shine light over the whole 500 miles. They’ll shine light over only the next 50 yards. But moving forwards lights the way to the next 50, and the next 50, and so on. 


If you didn’t start until you could see all 500 miles, you’d never leave the driveway. Take those small steps, trust the process, and have faith in yourself. 

And if you want to make a change, it’s time to start working towards your future. SFM can help you achieve the first step to the rest of your life – Both time & financial freedom. 

“Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re probably right”. You’ve got this.

I’ll speak to you soon,