I did this just now, and dated it 31st of December 2017. (It hasn’t happened yet, just to clear that one up!)
Feels pretty cool holding it and visualizing that happening though. 
I got the idea from Jim Carrey. He wrote himself a cheque for $10 million for “acting services rendered” and dated it 5 years in the future. Then at near enough the exact time the cheque was dated, he secured his role in Dumb and Dumber for a fee of $10 million… Law of attraction in action right there.
There’s a few reasons that this is so powerful. Firstly, what you hold in your mind becomes your reality. You can’t have a positive life with a negative outlook on everything. If you always expect the worst, you get the worst.
Secondly, once you make the decision to actually do something like write yourself a cheque in this way, a part of you takes ownership of being the one with the power to influence the outcome of your life.
If you truly believe that you’re a slave to your circumstances and you believe that the world “happens” to you, then you have zero power in influencing whether or not you can earn that kind of money. It’s unlikely you’d even bother writing the cheque, because it’s “a waste of time”, or “it isn’t going to make a difference”, or “it’s stupid” etc. 
But if you do take ownership of your future, and decide “you know what? I’m going to take responsibility for this. If I succeed it’s down to me, and if I fail it’s down to me. No excuses, nothing outside of myself, it’s down to me and me only”… then you take control of the power to do something about it and change your life. 


It isn’t easy

Taking responsibility is hard, because we naturally want to protect our own self-worth. As long as we tell ourselves that “the reason we aren’t where we want to be is because of something “out there” outside of ourselves”, then our self-worth isn’t in question. But by NOT taking responsibility in this way, we’re also choosing to be a slave to the circumstances around us. 
To achieve greater things, we have to be prepared to take responsibility, put our own self-worth on the line, and own whatever outcome happens. Success or failure – it makes no difference. It’s down to us and only us. Nothing else. No excuses.
I choose to put my own self-worth on the line, every single time. I’m responsible, I control my own destiny, nothing outside of me is going to stop me. I won’t make excuses, no matter what happens I’ll continue to own it, and I’ll always find a way to keep going regardless of what gets in my way.
That’s why I wrote the cheque. And if you want to make a change in your life as well, I’d encourage you to do the same. 
Let me know how much you wrote it for. Hell, maybe I’m being too conservative at £500k 🙂 
Speak soon,
Dan Holloway – Founder of Scrap the 9 to 5 Ltd
SFM Elite & DEA Black Member of the SFM/DEA