Ever noticed how when someone else is relying on us to do something, we’re far more likely to do it? 
A boss with a deadline perhaps, someone we love counting on us, or even strangers. 
Humans are FAR more likely to get things done for others, than we are for ourselves. I believe that this is because when we let ourselves down, we already know in advance how we’re gonna react. 
We don’t have the same unpredictability that we would if we let someone else down. What are they gonna think of us? Am I gonna be judged? Is my reputation gonna be tainted? Will others think I’m unreliable? Will it cost me a promotion? None of these factor into the equation when we let ourselves down. 
It all comes down to one thing: Accountability.

Using this to your advantage

It all comes down to one thing: Accountability
So if we wanna improve our own results, there’s two things that we can do.
One is to work on our self-image, and reprogram ourselves to see ourselves as the kind of person who doesn’t give up, doesn’t quit, and follows things through. This is by far the best option, but it’s much longer term and requires a lot more work. 
The other option (And far shorter term fix) is simply to leverage the fact that we know we’re much less likely to let others down, and use that to help us achieve the result we want. We can do this by making ourselves accountable. 
If we declare to someone else that we’re going to do something by such and such date, we’re manufacturing a situation where we have to do it or face judgement, tainted reputation, or all those other things that come when someone else is relying on us and we let them down. 
It’s very simple, but very powerful.

So what about you?

So is there something in your life that you’re serious about achieving, but you haven’t achieved it yet? Maybe getting in shape, improving a relationship, or creating an online business that gives you time and financial freedom perhaps?
Whatever it is, if you’re serious about it then it might be time to step up and declare it to others. Make it public, make it real. 
Yes it’ll be uncomfortable, but it’ll force you to step up and actually get it done. So it’s more than worth it. 
And hey, if you’d like me to hold you accountable then message me on Facebook and let me know what you want to achieve!
I’m in an accountability group with others who are also building their own businesses. They’ve helped me and I’ve helped them. So if you want the same kind of support, let me know and I’m happy to give back and help you with whatever you want to achieve too. 
If we all help each other grow and move forwards, everyone ends up better off. That’s the power of a collaborative mindset over a competitive mindset. 
Let me know!
P.S. If you’ve never had an accountability partner for something you want to achieve in life and this idea’s new to you, then it might be time to give it a go 🙂 Message me on Facebook and I’ll help you out.