Being interested won’t get you everything that you want in life. Being committed will.

There’s a very big difference, most people are just interested. But when it gets too hard, they give up. They run from fear, they shy away from getting uncomfortable, and then they wonder why they don’t have everything that they want in life. 

One of the WORST things you can ever do is settle. That leads to regret. You have to go all out, in everything that you do. 

I talked in Perth this weekend at SFM’s live Momentum Day event about this and more. Even though on demand tickets for the event cost a couple of hundred dollars, I wanna share the footage of my section with you for free. No catches, just click below and you can watch it: 

I’ve been on a mission to ignite the fire within others to change their lives for a while now, and Cordelia and Tom who I bought up on stage with me are an absolutely perfect example of the mindset required to succeed in business and in life.

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Wanna learn how to find true happiness and fulfilment? (Because once you do earn $50k per month while travelling the world you’ll realise that will not bring you any fulfilment), then watch this video.

Feeling stuck in life and wanna break out your current situation to create more for yourself – whatever that means for you? Then watch this video.

I really hope it helps you, and I really hope at the very least it gives you a couple of lightbulb moments that inspire you to take action, grow, and believe that you deserve everything that you’ve ever wanted.

I’m in the Philippines now so given that they have the second worst internet in the world (Apparently), it’s an absolute miracle that I managed to get it uploaded!

Have an amazing week, and in the words of Holly Barras, (A seriously inspiring woman from the SFM community), “Go make Wednesday your bitch!”