​​​​​​​I’ve been in Perth, Australia this week for an SFM event, and as always it’s been incredible to catch up with hundreds of members of this absolutely amazing community. I’ve been with these guys in Brisbane, Dominican Republic, London, Toronto, New Jersey, Phoenix and now Perth. 
The image above is just a few of us after the main event.
I’m so grateful that I found SFM and was able to take that first step towards changing my life in every single way 14 months ago.
I also spoke on stage again (You’ll be getting the footage in your inbox again over the next few days), and pulled up two absolute legends who have both started this journey very recently.
Cordelia Ali started about 4 months ago and is now basically my adopted little sister, and Tom Peyton joined just one and a half months ago and is already making a big impact in the community. 
Today’s message is to do with something that I talked about on stage. 

Do you have a story that’s stopping you from taking action and working towards your goals?

Sometimes we’ll want to achieve something, but a story like “I can’t because I have kids”, or “I can’t because I don’t have any technical skills”, or basically anything where you convince yourself that “Because of X, I can’t do Y” will stop us in place.

One thing that I shared though, is that you must turn your reasons why you “can’t”, into the reasons why you “must”.

So if you think that you can’t invest in starting an online business because you have kids to think of, it’s time to flip that on its head. Since the goal of building a successful online business is time and financial freedom, so that you can spend as much time as you like with your kids, can you really afford NOT to get started?

How much more of their lives are you gonna spend working that corporate career and leaving before they wake up in the morning and getting back after they’ve gone to bed in the evening.

Make the reasons why you can’t, the reasons why you must. You can choose whether to let your stories empower you, or hold you in place.

Have an awesome week, I’m jetting off to the Philippines tomorrow so I’ll be sure to keep sharing my world travelling adventures with you over the next week or so 🙂