So in case you fancy a bit of a laugh, I thought I’d share some footage with you that might bring a slight smile to your face.

I got some really cool drone footage with my new drone in the Philippines, but rather than show you that right now I wanna show you something else.

While I was flying Sparky the Drone, he decided to disconnect from the controller. Then for some reason instead of hovering still in place like he normally should he went absolutely BERSERK and attacked a bar like a raging robotic psychopath, before crashing TWICE and then falling into the sea.

I’m gonna reach out to DJI and see if they can send a replacement Sparky, because obviously that shouldn’t happen. Felt a little bit like a scene out of iRobot…

Technology hasn’t been too kind to me recently. I also managed to break my iPhone screen on my new phone that I got to replace the previous phone that I lost in Budapest about 3 weeks back, oh and also not to mention the lost suitcase that disappeared in Kuala Lumpur on my way to Perth 2 weeks back…
I’m feeling grateful that I’ve likely had a big enough dose of broken and lost belongings to last me about the next 5 years though, so I’m gonna choose to believe that’s the end of it and instead I’m gonna start manifesting only good, working, non-breaking, non disappearing kit!
I’m also feeling grateful that I had the courage to take the first step and begin building an online business with SFM 14 months ago, because it means I’m easily able to afford to do all this stuff while travelling the world instead of working 70 hours per week, and money isn’t really an issue anymore.
So as frustrating as all this stuff could be, at least it doesn’t hurt me financially anymore. 

What would time and financial freedom do to your life?

So if you’re not quite in that financial position yet, what’s stopping you from taking the first step and getting started right here? What would you wanna be doing with your life if you had total time and financial freedom?

It amazes me that in this digital day and age, so many people still don’t believe how accessible and possible it is to create freedom for yourself by building a business using digital technology.

So come on, check it out for yourself and make your own judgement call. It’s $29.95 with a 30 day money back guarantee to take the first step with SFM – the company that taught me pretty much everything I now teach others in this space, and gave me my life back.

There’s literally nothing to lose, but if you’ve been following me for a while and you’re in a corporate career/trapped in a business, you’ll have seen that I came from a very similar place as you so there’s absolutely everything to gain.

I couldn’t imagine the utter pain of going back to a corporate career now after living this life for a good number of months. I’d feel like I was throwing my entire life away for someone else. I don’t want that for you either.

I promise you that once you’re on the inside, once you can see the training for yourself, but most importantly once you get access to my live Facebook community where I have hundreds and hundreds of people interacting and joining my live webinars who have taken that first step as well… you’ll see for yourself that this is real.

And if it’s not for you, you’ve got 30 days to get your $29.95 back. So it’s time to take action and make a change, don’t burn anymore of your life settling for anything less than absolute fulfilment – whatever that looks like for you.

Create the life YOU want, don’t become a puzzle piece in someone else’s.
To your success,