Every now and then I receive an incredible email from someone that can teach so many of us some extremely valuable lessons. 

I received an email like this over the weekend from someone who’s been on my email list for a good while, and I want to share with you what came out of it.

​​​​​​​He has some amazing aspirations and goals that he wants to achieve, and his intentions behind everything that he wants to do are very pure and selfless. He wants to help others and really do good in the world.

He talked about hoping that he could create the life he wanted for himself and others, he talked about his dreams, but the general theme of the email that he sent me was that he was searching for something outside of himself or looking for someone else to come in and give him “the answer”.

I re-read the reply that I wrote him after I wrote it and realised that it could be extremely valuable for you as well. 
Reason being is that I believe many of us start out from a very similar place, where doubts, fears and not believing in ourselves are ruling our thoughts and actions (Or lack of). That was certainly me when I first started this journey in September 2016.
Me with SFM’s cofounder Stuart Ross in Brisbane in 2016
Anyway, here’s the main part of the reply:
I can tell from your message though that the main issue that’s been holding you back throughout your life though is your belief in yourself. You talk of “hopes” and “dreams”, and “really great things happening for you”. It sounds like you’re looking for something outside of what you already have, to come and “save you” or give you that break you need. 
What you don’t realise is that you already have absolutely everything that you need within you, you’re just not able to tap into it. For example there is a ton of information online that will teach you to use the digital age to very quickly create incredible success for yourself. 

As long as you have access to the internet and YouTube, you can get all the information that you’d ever need to become a millionaire and help countless others in only a couple of years or less. Yet despite that, very few of us are able to create that reality. 

The reason behind that is pretty straightforward… 
Because we need mentors, education and guidance to teach us how to develop the mindset to get out of our own way and move forwards. That’s what really counts. 

So my advice would be to start studying the Law of Attraction. Bob Proctor, Abraham Hicks, Alan Watts etc are all good places to start. Learn that you can manifest absolutely anything that you could ever want if you only start believing that you can. The Secret by Rhonda Byrne is another great starting point, although my personal view is that the secret doesn’t talk about the most important thing in manifestation – action. 

Do you believe with 100% certainty that you could walk down the street? Or drive to the shops? Or clap your hands? Of course, these things are easy. But easy is just a perspective. When we were learning how to do them for the first time, they were once very hard. 

The things that we see as “impossible” are seen by many others as “easy”. They don’t have anything that we don’t, other than a different perspective. Is becoming a millionaire through helping masses of others impossible? It is if you believe it is. But if you believe that’s a natural part of your journey, you’ll start acting in the way that a millionaire would, and taking actions that a millionaire would. 

Where focus goes, energy flows. You create the reality that matches what you believe. If you believe that you’re too shy to talk to people, you won’t talk to people. If you didn’t believe that you could successfully walk down the street or drive to the shops, you’d probably stay sitting at home. If you believe that you’re clumsy, then you’re clumsy. It all starts between your two ears, you create everything in your mind first. 

Once you can believe with 100% certainty that you can do something, you start taking actions that lead you towards doing it.

Do you believe that you will become vastly successful with 100% certainty? Then it’s time to start taking action to bring you closer to that reality. And if you don’t believe it and you’re waiting for that “one break”, you’ll be waiting forever. Because every minute of every day “breaks” are happening all around you. You just can’t see them because you’re not ready to see them.
The key is within you, and within how you see the world around you. The key isn’t in the world outside. 
Most of the early SFM education when you start is about developing this mindset, then mentorship and guidance following that is to help you move forwards once you’ve got a strong foundational mindset. 
Hope this helps buddy.
Talking on stage in Perth at an SFM event in November 2017

This is the mindset that the SFM community are all developing, together. It’s by far the most supportive community I’ve ever been a part of. They believe in collaboration, the creative mind (not competitive), and helping others by giving value first then as a result of serving others achieving everything that you want yourself. 

If you can learn to put other’s needs before yours, you really can have it all. Life becomes so much easier when you help others. If you wanna join the SFM community as well, you can submit an application here. It was probably the best decision that I’ve ever made in my entire life, and I hope it is for you as well. 

Speak soon,